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[Rachel & Brody 4x17 | Creep]

Whatever makes you happy
Whatever you want
You’re so very special
I wish I was special

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Title: UnknownCreep (Acapella Version)
Artist: UnknownLea Michele & Dean Geyer
Album: Unknown
Played: 3041 times


4x17 Glee Cast - Creep (ACAPELLA)

Sung by: Lea Michele & Dean Geyer (Rachel/Brody)

Acapella made by: EvilQueenofmyHeart

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Creep (Original by Radiohead): I’m not going to lie. Brody and Rachel duets are some of my faves. And I loved the fact that they took on Radiohead and paired it with their out-of-this-world vocals. Was it “Give Your Heart A Break?” No. But it was great. A-

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“I meant every thing that I ever said about how I feel about you.”

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